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zhizhi start from a small private Pharmaceutical Intermediates plant to develop as a global manufacturer,supplier and exporter for many kinds Chemicals after more than 10 years development, products cover catalysts,organic intermediates... Richest Group Limited(Shanghai ZZ New Material Tech. Co., Ltd.
)based on China,is headquartered in modernized international metropolis---Shanghai where is one of the most developmental areas of organic intermediates in Asia..Armed with advanced techniques orientated,combined R&D,industrial production and trading into its operations,Richest Group is a large global chemical manufacturer,supplier and exporter.Presently,we are mainly serving fields of chemicals,pharmaceuticals,materials,agrochemicals,energy,biotechnology,food and so on,and providing high quality,high-efficiency,convenient,fast and stable services to customers.we have been building good business relationship with many famous big companies from countries in world such as:USA,Germany,United kingdom,Korea,Japan,India,Chile,New Zealand,Malaysia etc.

With our two laboratories (Shanghai,Wuhan) and three factories (Zhejiang, Jiangsu,Shandong) as well as main production partners,We could provide "one-stop and all-in-one"service quickly and efficiently including from laboratory trial,pilot trial to production in scale.Products cover noble metal catalysts,alloy,OLED and OPV intermediates,OLED and OPV materials,pharmaceutical intermediates,rare earth materials and so on,particularly Boronic acid,thiophene,Linear hydrocarbon,Fluorene derivatives,Adamantane compounds,Norbornene Derivatives,organic phosphorus compounds,Aromatic Compounds,Reagents for peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis palladium,platinum,ruthenium,rhodium,iridium catalysts,At present,we could provide customers with more than 5,000 kinds of regularly products and custom synthesis services,quantity from laboratory trial to commercial production.

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